Keynote Lectures

Professor Daniel Francois Malan South Africa Innovative rock engineering solutions for deep tabular excavations
Dr. Erling Fjaer Norway The role of rock mechanics in oil field development
Professor Giovanni Barla Italy Conventional and Advanced Monitoring of Tunnels With Selected Case Histories
Dr. John Read Australia The Geotechnical Engineer in Metalliferous Open Pit Mines
Professor Laura Pyrak-Nolte USA Translating the Micro-scale to the Macro-scale: Signatures of Fracture Evolution
Professor Li Xiao China In-situ Computed Tomography Technique in Geomechanical Testing
Professor Tarcisio Celestino Brazil Engineering for Civil Underground Works in Soft Rock
Professor Yuzo Ohnishi Japan Advances in numerical approaches for coupled problems in rock mechanics and recent developments in related fields

ISRM 2019